Ultimate Guide to Acquiring Dragon Tree Seeds in Merge Dragons – Unveil the Secrets of the Ancient Grove

As you embark on your captivating journey in Merge Dragons, the elusive dragon trees hold immense power and beauty. Their verdant leaves and glowing blooms embody the magic of nature, beckoning you to unlock their secrets. However, obtaining their seeds is a quest that requires patience, strategy, and a touch of luck.

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Unveiling the Origins of Dragon Trees

Dragon trees, revered for their mystical properties, are indigenous to the enigmatic realm of Merge Dragons. These majestic flora possess an ethereal aura, their towering trunks resembling the serpentine bodies of ancient dragons. Legends whisper that their seeds hold the power to summon celestial creatures, making them highly coveted among dragon enthusiasts.

The Path to Dragon Tree Seeds: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Cultivating Grassy Habitat:

The first step to acquiring dragon tree seeds lies in creating a lush grassy habitat. This nurturing environment serves as the breeding ground for wood, a vital resource in your quest. Merge three life orbs to generate the coveted grasses that will set the stage for future growth.

2. Harvesting Abundant Wood:

As the grass flourishes, so too will your access to wood. Merge pieces of wood in groups of three to create logs and eventually stumps. These sturdy structures will prove instrumental in your pursuit of dragon tree seeds.

3. Summoning the Wonderous Blue Tree:

With a sufficient stockpile of stumps, the enigmatic blue tree awaits your call. Merge three stumps together to witness the emergence of this extraordinary flora. The blue tree possesses the magical ability to cultivate dragon tree seeds, bringing you closer to your coveted goal.

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4. Patient Waiting and Careful Observation:

As the blue tree matures gracefully, its emerald leaves will begin to sprout dragon tree saplings. These precious seedlings hold the promise of vibrant dragon trees, but patience is paramount. Allow ample time for the saplings to flourish.

5. Tending to the Dragon Tree Saplings:

Nurture the delicate dragon tree saplings with the utmost care. Merge three identical saplings to create a mature dragon tree, its branches adorned with radiant blooms.

Expert Insights and Actionable Tips

  • Plan Your Grassland: Strategically plan your grassy habitat to maximize wood production, ensuring a steady supply of raw materials.

  • Embrace Merging Magic: Utilize the potent power of merging to transform grass into wood, stumps into logs, and saplings into mature trees.

  • Avoid Stalled Growth: Prevent stagnation in your dragon tree sapling growth by providing sufficient space for them to thrive.

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How To Get Dragon Tree Seeds In Merge Dragons


Acquiring dragon tree seeds in Merge Dragons demands patience, strategy, and a dash of luck. By nurturing the grassy habitat, summoning the blue tree, and carefully tending to the delicate saplings, you will unlock the secrets of the ancient grove and bask in the radiant beauty of these mystical flora. Embark on your quest today and let the ethereal allure of dragon trees captivate your imagination.

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